Angkor Vat 2
Contest of Debater
Cam cold water you are waiting when you go down to the lobby at 8:00.
Another man smiles in the neighbor and sits astride a motorcycle.
"We do not have to worry today because it is my younger brother whom he guides"
"It is different in a promise"
It took と appearance, but words fade away to see the smile that seems to be good of the
younger brother.
On a motorcycle at first to the Angkor Vat admission ticket section such as the expressway toll
"Does a photograph of the face last?" 」
A person in charge asks it in Japanese.
"I do not have"
When I say,
"Take a photograph , there"
An admission ticket is handed unexpectedly quickly.
3rd ticket, 40 dollars.
Straight to Angkor Vat.
In the Angkor Vat, a person is already full.
By a younger brother hand gesture,
"What time do you come back?" 」
I show and clock.
A younger brother seems to be weak in English.
When watch a clock; 9:00 ago
The younger brother nods in the way that it is dubious.
Is it so long? と is a face to say.
Come on, it is having the honor of seeing you in Debater.
See the sun coming later,
At first when is included inside to begin to take it from the rear of the right hand; a big Buddha
At last I say and have a look to watch the eyes.
It did not seem that I covered the body with red cloth,
This is a Vishnu image of a deity having several hands.

This is The Debater.

A then court lady varying in a face one by one seems to be a model.

There are a gesture, the belonging having in my hand in various ways.
Each will have some kind of meanings.

It is gorgeous, and the sculpture of the background is smooth, too.

These two bodies particularly right side is my most favorite image.
Is it !! Komachi saying in woman, Japan standing out by the countryside at that time?
It seemed to be all called は.
Even if there was the forced case, too,
Even if a family advances when I give it to God and held it out, I am said to be it.
It would be what kind of identity individually,
What kind of process would it be?
Interest does not run out just to imagine it.
There will be the woman who was made to part from a dearest person tearfully.
There will be what went on the palace willingly.
As for what was sacrificed for a family for life
I feel that I hide such feelings in all faces inward earnestl

Such image which I took out a tooth, and bloomed was not found after this.
Clothes, headdress, hairstyle, necklace, earring, bracelet, leg ring, each are tasteful.

As for the swelling of the chest, everybody is same.


Sharp eyes are bewitvhing.

It is some behaivior want to say.

I am happy! Face seems to be fascinated.
Relatively thick lips,
It is common that the relationship of the mouth happens on a feeling.
It will be the mouth of the then beautiful woman.

The placement with the window is exquisiteness, too.

Debater group comparing with such condition,
I keep climbing up the stone shelf, and making rainfall, and taking it.
I keep forgetting that sweat drips, and taking it, but can hardly take it.
That 1,000 bodies have anything.

Debater show.